Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides an introduction to the Bedford Dwellings/Hill District Choice Neighborhoods Planning Process. 


Planning Context

Included in this chapter is neighborhood demographic data, context for the Target Housing Site and the Target Neighborhood.


Bedford Connect

Bedford Connect addresses our comprehensive engagement strategy. Included in this chapter is background on our resident and community meetings, Bedford Dwellings Resident Needs Assessment, Bedford Choice Branding, Early-Action Activities, and a snapshot of our engagement to-date. 


Plan Vision

The vision and organization of the Draft Bedford Dwellings/Hill District Choice Neighborhoods Plan.


Connecting A Unified Community

A Unified Community is physically connected, provides housing options that foster neighborhood interaction and community pride, and utilized community resources.




Connecting A Healthy Community 

A Healthy Community is one that reclaims and transforms vacant/abandoned properties, promotes health and wellness for people and the environment through design and operations of new and rehabbed housing, provides services leading to physical and mentally healthy kids and adults.




Connecting An Inter-Generationally Empowered Community

An Inter-Generationally Empowered Community celebrated history and culture, assures long-time residents a home for the long-term in the revitalized community, provides access to quality education and workforce opportunities.





Connecting A Flourishing and Lively Community

A Flourishing and Lively Community has street life that is welcoming, attracts additional investment in the area through replacement housing and investments in the infrastructure, and provides residents a clean and safe community.




Implementing the Plan

The Implementation Plan features strategies towards building a Unified, Healthy, Inter-Generationally Empowered, and Flourishing and Lively community.