The Plan

The People Plan will respond to the needs of the Bedford Dwellings residents and families, and leverage the institutions, and existing models of service in the Hill District to effectively address the following core goals:

  • Improve Educational Outcomes
  • Improve Intergenerational Mobility
  • Direct Service Delivery


How do we improve the educational programs in our community to ensure that children have a quality education from preschool to graduation?

Educational Attainment

A lower percentage of the Neighborhood's population has higher education degrees (some college or higher) compared to the city, at 41% (31%+10%) compared to 64% (25%+39%) in Pittsburgh.


job readiness & employment

How can we create more training and employment opportunities for youth and adults? How can we improve employment opportunities in our neighborhood? How can we encourage area businesses to hire our residents?



The unemployment rate for the Neighborhood is more than twice that of the City of Pittsburgh.



How can we increase access to health services and promote healthy lifestyles for all residents in the community?