Existing Plans

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bedford dwellings / middle hill neighborhood SWOT analysis 

May 2017

Analysis of the neighborhood's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

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Centre avenue corridor redevelopment and design plan

June 2015

The Centre Avenue Corridor Redevelopment and Design Plan establishes a vision and revitalization strategies for the Centre Avenue Business corridor that builds off of the neighborhood’s existing assets and establishes a new identity for the corridor. Centre Avenue is envisioned as “Centre of Culture, Centre of Opportunity and Centre of Cultivation” which are programmed with catalytic projects and a series of supporting projects as its place-making strategy. 


lower hill redevelopment | community collaboration and implementation plan

September 2014

The plan describes specific goals, strategies, and processes for maximizing the inclusion of the Greater Hill District community and its residents in the redevelopment of the former Civic Arena site and the Melody Tent site in the Lower Hill District. 

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"find the rivers!" kirkpatrick park project


The work of “Find the Rivers! ” seeks a threefold impact: (1) Support and expand economic development efforts; (2) Capitalize on views and overlooks to attract visitors to the neighborhood, and encourage Hill residents to utilize the rivers; and (3) Support a renewal of the community’s social and cultural life. A fundamental aspect of “Find the Rivers!” methodology has been to ask people to dream big and think about innovative ways to overcome existing obstacles separating the neighborhood from the rivers.

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greater hill district housing strategy


The purpose of this Housing Strategy is to better understand the demand for housing in the Greater Hill District…to help guide investment strategies and provide for diverse patterns of housing occupancy…while sustaining and benefiting current residents. The Housing Strategy is oriented to identifying positive opportunities for neighborhood revitalization and re-investment.

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greater hill district master plan


The Greater Hill District Master Plan examines all areas of the Hill, re-imagines the neighborhood by reinforcing the current stabilized communities, identifying new places for investment to form connections between key corridors and infill development. The Plan emphasizes both physical and non-physical features of the socially and culturally rich neighborhood by dividing the plan approach into two parts: Program Initiatives and Urban Design Proposals 

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greenprint - the hill: a village in the woods conceptual plan


Different from a traditional master plan, this project aims to create an ecologically sound template for future development in the Hill District. The main approach is to re-frame the Hill District’s identity with an innovative framework of urban landscape and green local economy, analyze and re-define open space networks, housing, commercial development, transportation, the arts, and community service.

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hill district vacant property strategy


Vacant property is one of the Hill District’s greatest challenges. Based on a detailed parcel-by-parcel survey, the report offers an effective inventory of vacant Hill District properties and analyzed their optimum use through key indicators including previous planning recommendations (Greenprint and Greater Hill District Master Plan), parcel ownership, tax status, and topography and undermining risk.

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lower hill preliminary land development plan


Lower Hill Preliminary Land Development Plan (PLDP) is the technical designation of this document. The PLDP accompanies the SP-11 zoning text described below for this district that defines the specific zoning requirements for the site. This document contains both mandatory development requirements and design guidance for the new district.

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neighborhood attraction factors impacting the young professional african american population in the city of pittsburgh


The goal of this study, funded by the Heinz Endowments, is to examine the perceptions of Pittsburgh residents of their neighborhoods, what they like and don’t like, and to investigate the factors that are important in their residential location choice, focusing particularly on young African American professionals and where they choose to live. The research revolves around the question of how a city might attract young African American professionals to choose to live in its historically black neighborhoods.

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housing needs assessment 


In June of 2015, the Mayor and City Council formed the Affordable Housing Task Force, comprised of elected officials, city staff, county and state agencies, housing developers, and housing advocates with the mission to assess housing affordability in the City, evaluate current programs and initiatives and make recommendations that will promote mixed-income development in neighborhoods across the city and ensure a vibrant mix of housing options for people of all income levels.

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market value analysis (mva)

November 2016

The Market Value Analysis (MVA) is a tool designed to assist the private market and government officials to identify and comprehend the various elements of local real estate markets. It is based fundamentally on local administrative data sources.

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schenley heights toolkit


The Schenley Heights Toolkit was produced specifically for the residents of the Schenley Heights neighborhood to educate and guide the community when making decisions involving new development. This document is only a starting point which will inform residents of some options they have when considering new development. The Toolkit does not contain design guidelines and should only be used as a reference. Residents should contact the Schenley Heights Collaborative and councilman R. Daniel Lavelle when seeking new development and improvements to the neighborhood.

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uptown community vision


Uptown is poised for investment that improves the neighborhood for an expanding community of residents, students, employers, and workers. The vision plan was created with the intention of fostering development by balancing community needs, drawing upon Uptown's unique physical qualities and identifying market opportunities.