Although adjacent to neighborhoods seeing economic growth and investment, Bedford Dwellings and the Middle Hill neighborhood are severely distressed. 

the neighborhood boundary

The target neighborhood is comprised of the Bedford Dwellings neighborhood, a large portion of the Middle Hill and a corner of the Crawford-Roberts redevelopment area.  All three of these neighborhoods lie within the footprint of the greater Hill District neighborhood within the City of Pittsburgh.  


bedford dwelling / hill district

The target neighborhood represents some of the most extensive and profound concentrations of poverty and vacancy in the City.  At the same time, this neighborhood is surrounded on all sides by areas of urban revitalization and economic growth.  To the immediate west of the neighborhood, the Downtown and Crawford-Roberts/Lower Hill neighborhoods are experiencing unprecedented growth and development.  Likewise, to the east, the neighborhoods of Oakland and Shadyside have been strong for generations, and other east-side neighborhoods such as East Liberty and Larimer have seen rapid redevelopment and economic growth through the consistent and visionary planning efforts of community-based organizations and foundations, as well as through the efforts of the City and Housing Authority (as evidenced in the Larimer CNI Implementation Grant).